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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 10, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> bbc world news is presented by kt, los aeles. fuing is provided by the frman foundation of new york, stowe,ermont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundation, and the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. >> a lot of excited peop in ghana as obama writes for the first presidential vis to sub- saharan africa. more british soldiers have been kied in afghanistan a iraq. still high in the far west crowds, they are fying official orrs to stay at home. welcome.
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cing up later for you, happy bihday, big band. a london landma bringsp 150 years. and take it to the bridge. the bgest names in american soul joinorces today for a rumble in a jungle. barackbama has flown into ana on his first africanisit asu.s. president. carriesith him a pledge of $20 billion from t richest nations boosfood production. it is a shift i policy welcomed by the u.n., ainvestment in agriculture. but it is not clear howuch of the money new.
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up to 23 billi is still outstaing from pledges made om the summit years ago. andr reports now. >> late-night arrival in ghana. a visit for the first african- american president. they have been gearing up for the visit. this is somethi of reward. it is ofte ld up aa homecoming of sos. obama's life sty means so much to so many. >> we ade him. is everything we have dreamed of in a presiden >> president obama as made it clear thahe will use this
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opportity to urge africanso take responsibility d unlocked the continent's ue potential. he is also promising me support for agriculture. training from america has already helped them quadrupled their output. the west willpen up subsidized markets. >> we wand to open up afri to european rkets. >>among tose ploys to welcome obama are going to ghana's traditional chiefs. >> he is my brotr. i'm happy he came here and hope th he will help improveur lives. >> of course, there's no quick fix, and obama's message will inevitably getodel and watered wn. but with his popularit, his
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first ack president does have a unique opportunity, to ske up this contint. >> we wl look at a school to find out what children thk. but first, it met with the pope for the fit te and a half ho in a private audience. details have n been released. they agree on helping t poor and clate change but disagree on aboron and stem cell search. people died from drinking illegallcohol. a hundred have been detained in raids across the sta. for the fit time in 14 years, a man has been ged to death at the ruing of the bow.
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a 27-year-old spaniard was caught by a bowl several oer people were inred. british forces in afgnistan are gog thrgh one of their worst weeks in comt in modern times. eight more ha been killed in separate incidents. several daths now number 184 more than in the iraqconflict. they're dangerouy undercooked, d the pri minister has warned of a heart summer ahead >> in the skies, makinthe dead's final journey he. >> ♪ >> the coffins of fiveoldiers to retur today taken respectfully by comres, going to t chapel.
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then came a public displ of respect. the town is silenced to honor e call that they will do again in t coming weeks. for some, grief was overwhelming. the bells tolled forhe dead. an t rifles were killing in a sile incident. his life w lost again to an ied. now, more servicemen have died in afghistan than did in iaq.
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>>t is tough going, because th taliban have rightly identied this is their ground. they lose their, they le everywhe, and they're throwing everythinghey have into it. but they a losing. the commandersre clear abo that. but it is gng to take time, and it doeinvolve casualties. >> operation panther pasquale is taking its toll on bh sides as orces contin major ofnsives. ny soldiers are of littlmore thanoys. even life and ath, and there fighting is some of the toughest inecades. >> we will help deft this insurgency.
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>> into a dozen 1, casualties were low. the only soldie ws a 23-year- old, who died in a suicide building -- bomng in 2004 in 2006,patricia ford death ll ban to rise. they rose again in 2007, and pele were killed that year. and wi eight more soiers dead, the tot stands at 1. thisould be the bloodiesso far. it is a tragedy for, ts, famil and france. she endures thievery day.
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>> there is noay to describe the feeling. the feeling. >> more internatial news for you. the trial of the burmese position leader has resumed afr a six-week delay. he is charg with breaking te terms of a hse arrest after an american man smninvited. he faces fiveyears in jail if convicted. at least 400,000 pele are in need of temporary shelter i southwest china. atleast one person was killed, 300 injured.
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up to 18,000 homes have collapd. pete harvey,9, accud of acting and -- attackg jef wateruse and a salt and other peoples at the same time. tensions are rising again in the chinese neighborhood of chi, with bloody clhes between muslims and han chese. we maned to film some the unrest and the official response. he sent us this report. >> mosqu were ordered to close, and the gornment expected trble. with tensions running high, we were not taking any chances.
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slims' demands justice. innocent men,hey cry. >> there have been group o meand women raising the voices in ange so far, authorities have done nothing, but they are moving and to find control for th situation. >> they quickly surrod a group. look close. on the left, an ficer runs in.
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next, his hands areeld. anherfficer punche him repeatedly. at this time, we had to stop filming. lice began rounding up journasts. therareore intense than ever. thhave flooded across the cotry. the state media is full of pictures of their bloody bdies, many demanding rribution. shortl aer this, they ar under curfew. they fear for the safety and want to know what happened. we're iwestern china. >> after th ection in ira
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there is little sign that opposition to the re-eltion of mahmoud ahmadinejad is ing away. our middleast editor was the at the height of the protest and has this report. >>his was pteron one y ago. teargas, the regimef's securi forces, and demonstrators who will n be scar for the relt of what they believe w a stolen election. the deal comes frothe internet. the bbc cannot say when it was sh. monstrators are coring their own sty. the disputed victory of ahmadinejad had been blow. theyant more fedom and les powerful rigious leaders. this crisis is not going away
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and continues to ve a profound imct. in his latest speech, ahmadinejad found it necessary to justify the victory in what he called the free election in the world. but mousvi is der great pressure and has be virtuay visible. th demonstrations are not ending. at fridaprayer in tehran, th ayallah gave the line that foreigners are resnsible for what hpened. this-no the s just been allod to return to athens after going to jail.
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>> in a ramshackle faction, th decided t arrest. >> this was a cloud -- crowd returning to the protest. authority sti not have an answer, exce for the change cong from the streets. >> good to have you with us. cong u, first for ghana. african nation welcomes a special guest. first, cheetahs are the largest -- faest land animals on the planet. ourscientists hav become a study onow they can run so fast. >> thecan go fro 0 to 60 in just three seconds they are as quick as the fastt ferrari.
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but this is sti not understd, how ey do it. cientists have, with new way tohed light on it. they wt to put the on a high- tec running trk. this will msure every movent they me as the gallup. >> t study the animalsn action, to ay away to get the. the nnot rist a pie of string. th're runng incredibly qukly. cientists can fnd out exactly how they'reoing this. this ftage will lead the team footage.
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they will look closely at how the animal rotates i shoulder blades, ares its back, and sttches its legs. they hope to get insight into how the animal generat such incredible speed. >> a study in ldon to see how much exercise was gotn. they attached sedometers to dogs the main headline this hour, barackbama has arrived in gha,the first presidential visit to subs arin africa. -- sub-sahara afra. has brought huge pride to the
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polation. he went school to talk to students the about their expeations. >> i am here in the nter accra. there'a lot of enthusiasm an he capital among young peopl kids arexcited about the sit of this man. let's see what thehave to say. > how are you? excellent i want to ask youdo you know this mais? do you knowho this man is what is hiame? who ihe? why are you excited about his visi this is ahistoric event. he is the first african-
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americanresident of the u.s., and i am privileged to visiting my homeland. he inspis me. the way he does tse things, he believes in himself and he is able to do what he wants to do. >> are you upset abt the visit? >> ye >> why? >> because it is the first up i american president and isoming to gotta. who wou have ever thought he uld come to vis donna? ghana? >> who would like to stand in front of oracle, and sayour name? who -- at would you say toim if you met him down the road? >> i think he my role model
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becae he is very courageous. he cando thgs without being scared, even though consequences may be bad. he kes it. he is thbiggest president in the world. he has proven that black people can do exactly what white pple can. >> that is at the ki are feeling ght noand obvisly there is mor but for these young folks, jushaving barack obamaere is a gift. back tyou in london. >> give us a call. theyre working the crowd. big band is an image defini london, d it has been one ended 50 years since it first rang out. we are here >> they are themost fams
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bells. for 150 years, they have chimed every hour. they mark ese changes, every hour, every year. it is structural triump of victorian engineeng. first, it w set up in the yard, but shattered it is melted down and recast, d theell laboriously goes sidewa by gangs of men up te tower. ever since, that represented london a britain around the world. iwas spread around the country. >> just as in prayer for -- as impressive the mechanism below. this isue to the gravity.
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>> >> that is why t clock is still curate. it is like going from a wristwatch to a digitawatch. >> with only a handful unplanned stoppages. >> is a 35 years since the boxing match between mummad ali and george foreman. it wasalso the scene of sole power. we're taing about movies.
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>> september, 1974. a music concert here was planned as aideshow to grumble and a jumble championship. the fight was postponed, but the concert went ahead. >> l'swelcome the godfather of sl, james brown. ♪ >> james brown given electric perfmance. this a documentary is the crystallization of footage, a labor of love. it was a unue cuural event. >> africanmerican music, jes brown, became, and african mus -- it was like ving a concert
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of vis, theeatles, and the lling stones in one place. >> inc it into dee rumble and a jumble fight. it was called when we were ngs, and won an oscar 12 years ago, >> we have the notion we have not explored the foolish -- footage ful. there was more to be brought ou and it took another 12 years tout wherewithal to brg it together, you know. >> you also talked abo black musicians coming together. as a crs your mind you are a whitestoryteller and you were telling a black store? >> in some ways, it wasaunting and terrifying, because i had no idea if i was capae.
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i he been very gratified after the fact, a they have really pressed tir ideas. a charismatic muhammed a. >> >> it is a political film, because we do se a ral on numerous occasions been quite political. >> wther mommed ali gave voice to it or james brown,hey were politized people. it is historical. a james brown, who died in 2006, thought there was an imrtant messagein this
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concert. a donstrationof self-respect, connecti, and the importance of groups. it was all the black power, solar power. -- sole power. -- soul power. ♪ >> talking mies. that is some real per. what's more on th thank you r being with us. >>bbc world news was presented by kcetlos angeles. funding made possible by the freeman foundation of neyork, stowe, vernt, and honolulu, the newman's own foundaon, and the john. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.
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